Furnishing rental apartments, houses or offices is another passion of ours. We like to create the concept from scratch or transform and upgrade already furnished spaces so that they become welcoming and functional homes or working spaces for future tenants.

Paying attention to every detail, efficient and on a budget, we take care of everything - from concept to implementation, and therefore adding great value to the space we are working on.


'Without Augustina/Chaos Bye Bye! we wouldn't have had a very nice and comfortable furnished apartment for rent. We are very busy and it would have been impossible to manage and complete this project. The apartment would have remained empty and the money we invested wasted.

Everything went very easy and fast - we gained time and escaped many headaches. Augustina handled everything from concept to project management, 'paperwork' including.

It was absolutely super and it would be fantastic if other administrative projects could have solutions as effective and pleasant. Thanks again!' Alina & Alexandru B.